Made with B20, the R Series (the name is derived from the word “Ruhig” which is German for “Quiet”), is a handmade innovative silent cymbal.

The holes in each cymbal are skilfully hand drilled one at a time to produce beautifully rich and clear cymbal tones with a lower volume.

These cymbals are not only perfect for home practicing but excellent for smaller gigs too. Please keep in mind that these cymbals have the same material and acoustics as our regular cymbals have. So, you will be playing real handcrafted, low noise,  Turkish Cymbals. The new Agean "R" Series Low Noise Practice Cymbals where developed for practice session or for a certain type of club gig. The turkish handmade Cymbals are to 70% less noisy in comparison to normal cymbals in the same size


AGEAN R SERIES (Low Volume) 16 inch CRASH

    • Size: 16" Crash
    • Material: B20 Bronze
    • Handmade in Turkey
    • Hybrid Cymbals for live and Practice Sessions
  • 30 day return policy